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The New Standard
in ERP Solutions

Empower your business with dynamism, agility, scalibility and unparalled security.

Powered by AI & Extreme RPA

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Business Excellence Award
Most promising Cloud ERP Company

Over 30+ 

Over 40+ 

Customers Served

Ability to fully Customise, Configure and Deploy Complete ERP way Faster than competitive products available in the market
In hours or days, not months or years (Thanks to our AI & RPA)
Delivering a Better Experience

30 years of Expertise in Software Solutions encompassing end-to-end solutions for every need of the customer
Better Industry Experience

AI & BI - supported Futuristic Business Solutions.
Interactive Dashboards such as Kanban.
Solutions for Smart Business Operations

Our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables us to deliver best in class Speed and Data Security
Realize Safer and Better Products

Our Key Differentiators

Over 2000 Active customers in multiple industries experience such as EPCC, Manufacturing, Services, Port and Paper Mfg Sectors

Technology at its finest

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure logo

Merciglobal Cloud ERP is hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which is highly secure and reliable. Oracle is world leader in database tech since 1980. Users are Enterprises, Banks, Financial institutions, mega corporates.

Robotic Process Automation


Robotic process automation (RPA) is the software technology, at kernel of Merciglobal ERP, makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate humans actions interacting with digital systems and software. 

Coding </> @ Core

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Built using Core PHP, Python, Vanilla JS, JQuery, React, HTML5, CSS3, we use the latest technologies as on date to build and deliver enterprise grade solutions, as used by the leading and heavy traffic sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

Server & Client Side Caching


Our team of Experts are using extensive Server and Client side caching technologies, to being a joyful experience in terms of speeds and performaces. Under the hood, we use REDIS and Memcached technologies at server side, indexeddb and local caching at the client side.

Artificial Intelligence


TensorFlow AI based technology builds ERP modules in seconds, not hours or days, nor months! Trained deeply over years, the AI + ML systems provide robust data accuracy and module architectures.

Data Compression


All storage / data transmission uses On the-fly-compression technology. We use Sql + GZip technologies. On-the-fly TCP data compression effectively reduce transmitted TCP segments and bytes, leading to greater transmission efficiency.

Handsontable Grid

handsontable (1).png

Underlying Merci UI is Handsontable - JS Grid Component upon which thousands of business apps depend - for entering, editing, validating, and cleansing data that comes from remote sources such as db and APIs, or from Excel files, Sheets, and manual input.

Progressive Web Applications


Merciglobal automates creation of progressive web application (PWA) - a type of application software delivered through the web, built using web technologies. It is intended to work on any platform with a standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile devices.

MySql Enterprise Servers

mysql (1).jpeg

Oracle’s MySQL Enterprise servers delivers faster performance by eliminating data copies and ETLs. And by running on OCI, we now give our customers a secure, high-availability ERP platform for their businesses.

Secured Linux Servers


With Linux, you can be confident that your data is in good hands. Our compute instance servers are secured with the latest technologies to provide you with the protection you need, backed by the expertise and support of our dedicated team.

Bootstrap Enhanced UI/UX

bootstrap (1).png

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework built by Twitter, for developing a responsive and mobile friendly website. Merciglobal Cloud ERP is built over its foundation, library and components for rich user interface and experience.

High Speed Processing

high speed (1).jpeg

AI based software modules are technically bug free, fast & user friendly & support for millions of rows of data & high volume traffic. We bring you world class reports and analytics at a blink even with complex and huge data. Intelligently generated dynamic queries prove to be game changer.

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Core Features, Benefits & Models

  • Entry level Tracking & every stage of work flow

  • Multi Level Dashboards & Analytics, Pivots

  • Approval Systems

  • Event Based Alerts, Scheduler Services

  • Multilingual Flow Chart & Help

  • Customisable Reports for each User

  • Extremely User Friendly

  • Complete API support

Black Puzzle Pieces
  • Benchmarks, Budgets, Targets & Alerts

  • Process Control with Interactive Kanban Boards

  • Multiple Integrations: Email, Whatsapp, Cloud Telephony etc

  • Multiple Add on ERP modules, like CRM, Assets, VMS etc.


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CA Ritu Nair

(Fairdeal Group)

"We wanted to express our utmost admiration and appreciation for the exceptional software you have developed. 


Your work has simplified our industry’s complexities, making it user-friendly for individuals at all levels with lots of ease and information flow in it.

Your achievements have not gone unnoticed, and I will be sharing this success with the broader organization. Your team’s efforts deserve the highest praise, and we extend our sincerest gratitude to each member for their contributions.


Your dedication, expertise, and attention to detail are commendable, and your professionalism and effective collaboration have ensured a smooth development process. Thank you for your uninterrupted efforts."

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