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Digitising Engineering Manufacturing

The EPCC and Engineering Manufacturing industries are being revolutionized by Merciglobal ERP. We offer a comprehensive integrated ecosystem that can be tailored to specific demands, assisting in cost reduction, operational optimization, and efficiency enhancement.

Business work flow automation

  • Supply Chain

  • Quality Control

  • Assets Management

  • Project Management

  • Pre-Sales, Sales

  • Human Resource Management

  • Planning & Monitoring

  • Integrated Inventory

  • Integrated Accounting

  • Production

  • Jobwork

  • Services

Business Flow Modules

Categorised list of Module and Sub-Modules we offer, out of the box.

Blue Binders

Supply Chain

  • Indent, Quotation

  • Quote Comparison

  • Purchase Order, Breakup

  • PO Activity Status

  • Packing List

  • Boughtout Enquiry

  • Goods Receipt Note (Stores/ Site)

  • Quality Check

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Purchase Returns

  • Advance Payments

Financial Report

Project Management


  • Project Allocation

  • Scope Submission

  • BOQ, Requisition

  • Production Planning

  • Vendor Drawing Status

  • Meetings


  • Drawing, Submission

  • Tender Drawing Status

  • Tender Estimation


  • Site GRNInstallation & Commissioning

Happy Businessman


Material Handling

WBS - Work Breakdown System​, BOM - Bill of MaterialMRS - Material RequisitonMTR - Material Test ReportMaterial inden, Material Allocation

  • Production Drawing Receipt

  • Production Work Allocation

  • Despatch Weight Detail

  • Packing List

  • Old Drawing Returns

  • Stock Order, Stock Items

  • Scrap, WIP Movement

  • Local Transport

Finalizing Construction Plans

Planning & Monitoring

  • Preliminary Site Survey​

  • Pre-Production Approvals

  • Post Production Approvals

  • Pre-Installation Survey

  • Installation Observation

  • Site Handover


Pre-Sales / Sales

  • Lead / Prospects

  • Follow-up

  • Spects Submission

  • Marketing Offer

  • Quotation

  • Sales order

  • Proforma Invoice

  • Despatch Challan

  • Price Breakup

  • Sales Invoice

Bowling Shoes

Integrated Inventory

  • Requisition Issues

  • Material Issues

  • Repairable Outwards

  • Repairable Inwards

  • Inter-unit Transfers

  • Scrap Sales

  • Physical Stock Correction

Water Testing Kit

Quality Control

  • QC - Raw Materials

  • QC - Boughtout Materials

  • QC - GRN

  • QC - Welder Qualifications

  • QC - Defects NCR

  • QC - Instrument Callibration

  • QC - Installation

  • QC - Vendor Inspection

Cleaning Team at Work


  • Service Request

  • Breakdown Slip

  • Maintenance Module

  • Customer Feedback

Public Work Space


  • Delivery Requisition

  • Jobwork Challan

  • Gatepass Entry

  • Jobwork Receipts

Man at his Desk

Asset Management

  • Asset Creation

  • Asset Issues

  • Asset Returns

  • Inter-Site Transfers

Esports Team

HR Management

  • Attendance & Payroll

  • Vacancy Identification

  • Interview & Joining

  • Shift Rotation

  • Site Allocation

  • Loans, Advances, On Duty Expenses Etc.

  • Exit Interview

Digital Calculator

Complete standard accounting modules spanning from basic entries to final accounting, reports, Ledgers, BRS, GST, TDS, TCS, automated integration from Procurements, Sales and all other sections in seamless integrated environment.

VR Goggles

Major Reports, Analytics & Insights

  • ​Dashboards

Business dashboard featuring Production, Purchase, Sales & Finance Components

  • Reports

Over 400 reports including MTD, Annual, Customer wise, Itemwise, Grade wise, Category & Sub-category wise reports, including FIFO stock reports, adhering the import costs BL wise.

  • ​Benchmark Reports & Alerts

Huge number of in-built benchmark reports, auto alert trigger system for Finished Stock, Branch wise production, invoicing & accounting etc.

Features You Get

Key Differenciators, Features, Integrations, Automatically applied features

Auto Locking/ Audit Controls

User Customisable Views / Reports

Multiple Integrations Email, Whatsapp, Cloud Telephony etc.

Entry level Tracking of RWM, batch and every stage of production & Security

Complete Flowchart & Help

Multi Level Dashboards & Benchmarks
All Your Prominent Business Data At One Place

Event Based Alerts
Event Based Alerts To Keep Key People Informed

Approval System

Scheduler Services

Cloud Computing Benefits

cloud vs local.png

Ability to fully Customise, Configure and Deploy Complete ERP way Faster than competitive products available in the market
In hours or days, not months or years (Thanks to our AI & RPA)
Delivering a Better Experience

30 years of Expertise in Software Solutions encompassing end-to-end solutions for every need of the customer
Better Industry Experience

AI & BI - supported Futuristic Business Solutions.
Interactive Dashboards such as Kanban.
Solutions for Smart Business Operations

Our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables us to deliver best in class Speed and Data Security
Realize Safer and Better Products

Our Key Differentiators

Customer Service - Any requests, suggestions or changes done within 24 hours. (Again, thanks to our AI & RPA that gives us this incredible speed)
Excellent Innovative Products

Over 2000 Active customers in multiple industries experience such as EPCC, Manufacturing, Services, Port and Paper Mfg Sectors


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