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Whatsapp Chatbot

Say goodbye to generic and impersonal conversations with customers! Introducing Merciglobal's Customized Whatsapp Chatbot, the game-changer in customer engagement. Our cutting-edge chatbot leverages advanced APIs to integrate seamlessly with your customer data, allowing for personalized interactions like never before. From providing relevant information to capturing personalized parameters, our chatbot takes customer service to the next level. Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Upgrade your customer experience with Merciglobal's Customized Whatsapp Chatbot today!

  • Register with official Whatsapp chatbot service using any official channel partner (Facebook)

  • Whatsapp offers free chatbot service which comes handy for first time users.

  • Extend the chatbot capabilities with Merciglobal. Contact us to analyse your requirements and let us design a chatbot like never before.


  • Broader reach globally

  • Improved customer support and service

  • High security and constant accessibility

  • Generation of quality leads

  • Personalization using user information and media files

  • Quicker, easier, and more agile FAQ resolution

  • Customized and targeted marketing and advertising

  • Optimized decisions efficiently related to sales

    Use Cases:

  • 1. Lead generation The simplicity of starting a conversation with a WhatsApp chatbot makes lead generation that much easier. ...

  • 2. Instant Customer Service In modern business, with the variety of communication platforms and technologies, customers expect instant responses to queries. ...

  • 3. Payment-Related Queries ...

  • 4. Loyalty Programmes ...

  • 5. Alerts and Notifications ...

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