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Merciglobal Trouble Ticket System (TTS)

At Merciglobal Cloud ERP, we have implemented state of art Trouble ticket system since 2012. Upgraded to the latest NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies, we have and automated system which enables the customers to raise ticket under the following broad situations:

  1. New Entry Form / Module is required.

  2. New Report is required.

  3. New Printout is required.

  4. New Field(s) required in existing entry Form / Module.

  5. Change is required anywhere in the system.

  6. Report any error / bug.

  • As per our experience over the years, any of the customer requirements after the system has been implemented, does fall in either of the above categories only.

  • As soon as a ticket is raised, the underlying system automatically allocates the same to the best suited technical support executive, on the basis of the person's work portfolio, rating, subject and severity of the problem. The intimation alert is sent to the support executive on email/whatsapp or live working desk.

  • Admin and SOPC users are have access to the TTS. SOPC user should be allowed to access any one accounting year, company (and branch if managed). By default, Admin and SOPC users have access to TTS in the menu. No further assignment of TTS module is required.

  • The support person log into the system, checks and fixes the problem as described by the customer. As a part of work a proof of work is to be attached by the same person to validate the work done / completed. Same is intimated to the customer admin/SOPC via email/whatsapp message along with the proof of work completion.


Ticket Resolution Timelines

Our ticket resolution timelines usually depend on the following:

  • Errors / Issues:

    • Level: Immediate

    • Priority: Highest

    • Timeline:

      • Merciglobal Cloud ERP System Level Issues - Usually a few minutes to a few hours.

      • Cloud Server Level Issues (Merciglobal level) - Usually within a few minutes, depending on the severity of the issue.

      • Cloud Server Updates / Patch - Usually within 30 minutes to 60 minutes. (With pre-intimation of 20 days at least).

      • Cloud Server Level Issues (Oracle level) - Usually within a few minutes, depending on the severity of the issue.

      • GOI (Government of India) GST Server Issues - Directly handled by GOI. Depends on severity of issue.

    • Intimation: Email / Whatsapp / ERP Portal depending on circumstance.

    • Pre-Intimation: Email Whatsapp / ERP Portal, whenever pre-intimation is available.

    • Charges: None. Not applicable.

  • Change Request:

    • Level: Normal

    • Priority: Normal / High

    • Timeline:

      • Completely depends on the nature and details and clarity of the change request.

      • In case of field width, type, index, uniqueness, auto-increment, formula update, link change is required, usually a few minutes.

    • Intimation: Email / Whatsapp / Phone upon completion.

    • Charges: Normally none / Not applicable. In case of a major change (Change effects entry forms, rules, validations, reports, printouts, then charge may be applicable as per schedule).

  • New Field:

    • Level: Normal​

    • Priority: Normal / High

    • Timeline:

      • Usually within a few minutes​ if the field does not effect inventory or accounting.

      • A few hours if the field effects inventory or accounting or printout formats.

    • Intimation: Email / Whatsapp / Phone upon completion.

    • Charges: Normally none / Not applicable. In case of a major change (New field effects entry rules, validations, printouts, then charge may be applicable as per schedule).

  • New Printout:

    • Level: Normal

    • Priority: Normal / Moderate

    • Timeline:

      • Usually within 2-3 hours​ if the printout is to be created using non-coding technology. (Our 99% printouts are created using this methodology).

      • Usually within 2 days if the printout is to be created using coding / programming. (Extremely rare circumstance).

    • Intimation: Email / Whatsapp / Phone upon completion.

    • Charges: Normally none / Not applicable if created using non-coding technology / coding. However if repeated changes or new printouts are required, charges may be applied in such circumstances, applicable as per schedule.

  • New Report:

    • Level: Normal

    • Priority: Normal / Moderate

    • Timeline:

      • Usually Customer needs to be guided / trained upon how to generate / modify existing reports, or how to create new reports, as nearly all the required reports are already auto generated in the system.

      • Completely depends on the nature and complexity of the report required. Normally should not take more than 2-3 days.

    • Intimation: Email / Whatsapp / Phone upon completion.

    • Charges: Normally none / Not applicable if created using non-coding technology. However if we have to use the coding, charges shall be applicable as per schedule.

  • New Entry Form / Module:

    • Level: Normal

    • Priority: Normal

    • Timeline:

      • Completely depends on the nature of the entry form, links, reports, printouts etc. as per System Analysis done for the new form.

    • Intimation: Email / Whatsapp / Phone upon completion.

    • Charges: Charges shall be applicable as per schedule.

Schedule of charges

For any change request, which involves manual human intervention in the Merciglobal cloud ERP system or project developed specifically for the customer, in any form, which includes coding, system analysis (in full or part) shall attract the following:

  • @INR 9500/- per man hour plus GST as applicable.

  • This charge covers any number of persons deployed in the execution of the specific task.

  • Total man hours (ascertained and most reasonable) will be computed and confirmed with the customer prior to execution of any such task.

  • More than one person may be deployed to speed up the execution of work wherever possible. However charges to be borne by the customer will be the total man hours as computed.

  • During the execution of the work, if there amendments / changes are provided by the customer, the man hours calculations may get revised and accordingly the man hours computation may get reduced / increased.

  • Customer is required to pay for such TTS execution 100% in advance to enable start execution of the task.

Server Charges - OCI - ASIA-MUM:

  • Standard Disk + Database Space 10 GB.

  • Additional space: @ $10 USD per month per 10 GB of additional space (Disk + Database), recurring annually.

  • In case of disk overusage, a warning is displayed to all users in the project, upon reaching 98% or more. Admin user is required to remove unwanted files using the file manager option provided in this notice, or upgrade and buy additional disk space within next 15 days of such occurances. Login would be barred once the disk space has reached 100%.

​High Availability Server Instance - HA (Preferred):

  • Charge: $168 per month 

  • Payable: Annually

  • Availability Region: Mumbai + Singapore + Tokyo​

Benefits over Standalone Server:​

  • Higher Speeds: Higher application speeds are achieved due to parallel read queries being executed at the same time at different servers, at higher bandwidths.

  • Near Zero Downtime: High availability servers enables applications to meet higher uptime requirements and zero data loss tolerance.

  • Persistent availability: High Availability servers provide persistent availability in case of failures.

  • Data redundancy: High Availability servers provide data redundancy, which ensures that data is not lost in case of failures.

  • Reduced downtime: High Availability servers reduce downtime when a zone or instance becomes unavailable.

  • Increased revenue: By reducing downtime, High Availability servers help organizations avoid significant revenue loss.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: High Availability servers can help organizations avoid unsatisfied customers by ensuring that their services are always available.​

Standalone Server Instance:

  • Charge: $56 per month 

  • Payable: Annually

  • Availability Region: Mumbai

Annual Maintenance Policy

  1. System Performance Monitoring: Regularly conducted thorough assessments of your ERP system's performance to proactively identify potential issues before they escalate into critical problems.

  2. Software Upgradation: Ensure the consistent upgrading of software to capitalize on the latest features and benefit from bug fixes, thereby maintaining optimal functionality.

  3. Corrective Maintenance Procedures: Despite rigorous evaluations, unforeseen errors or bugs may arise due to various factors. In such instances, our proficient experts will promptly take corrective measures to swiftly resolve the identified issues.

  4. Troubleshooting Framework: Establish a comprehensive troubleshooting process designed to swiftly and efficiently identify and address any emerging issues within the ERP system.

  5. Security Measures: Implement regular monitoring protocols to fortify your ERP system against potential malicious attacks and ensure the integrity of sensitive data.

  6. Monitoring Data Patches: Employ a cloud-based console featuring role-based access control for streamlined delegation, tracking, and execution of patching tasks. This unified view facilitates the deployment of patches across globally distributed devices, addressing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and staying proactive against cyber threats.

  7. Software Minor Enhancements: Implement minor enhancements in the software, (till they do not adversely impact other functions, columns, rows, or values.)

  8. Legal compliances: Updates related to government / legal compliances as per prevailing / newly introduced rules or regulations in the system as and when directed by our team of consultants, or brought to our notice, directly by the customers.

  9. Usage support: Provide continued support to customers pertaining to regular software usage, helping and supporting as per their use cases, online on phone or via our ticketing system.

Basic Terminology

  • Definition of Change(s): Change, for us, encompasses altering the software flow, modifying entire processes, changing the underlying logic employed in software development, and adjusting system analysis. These modifications are integral aspects that require careful consideration during the initial design/ SA & Testing phase.

  • Software Design Analogy: Designing software parallels the construction of a house or complex. Altering the placement of critical elements, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or halls after the foundational structure is approved and finishing is completed, incurs substantial costs in terms of dismantling, additional materials, labour, and time. It is advisable to implement such changes during the design phase, specifically during system analysis and testing.

  • Impact of Frequent ERP Changes: Frequent modifications to the ERP system pose challenges, hindering system stability and compromising the attainment of desired results. A stable outcome is unlikely if an organization continuously implements changes.

  • Bug Fixing Policy: Ongoing bug fixing is an inherent part of our service and is not subject to additional charges.

  • Additional Module Creation: As previously clarified, the creation of new modules, such as HR or Vehicle Tracking Systems, incurs additional charges.

  • Additional Business Ventures: The initiation of new business ventures, apart from the business work flow ordered with us, such as Construction, Real Estate, Dyeing & Printing, Mining, etc., will be subject to additional charges. This policy ensures transparent and fair billing for any expansion or diversification of services.

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