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News & Updates

    1. Major platform update to PHP 8.3 (Latest Version). Enhanced speed and processing.

    2. Auto Email to Payer, for receipt confirmations of payments or receipts.

    3. Drop Down and master link field can be changed from list view, but field validation should be checked. If developer option non cumpulsory field list view allow to change for multiple rows

    1. Custom Approval & Escalation Matrix, Customised Approval system for users.

    2. Payment Requisition Form automation via O/s Report and payment hold option for individual invoice.

    3. Dates in Grid can now be entered as first 2 digits only. Rest, current month and year will be set automatically.

    4. Analysis/Pivot Reports: New Day Analysis option with powerful zoom and filter options has been provided. 

    5. Date Validation in forms (Fin-Year bounded) are now performed prior to form submissions.

    6. Year/Company/Branch Selection: Updated with single click functionality.

    7. Summary Option with automated totals for columns provided in all entry modules & reports. Entire report data is considered in summary, instead of displayed data only.

    8. E-Invoice info is now provided in the list view.

    9. Grid column can now be displayed in the List View.

    10. Easy Column Hide / Show options provided in module / report configuration.

    11. Balance Transfers: Un-Adjusted Vouchers (BV/CV/JV/DRN/CRN) have been made dynamic. No more transfer required.

    12. Accounting Modules: Ledger can be accessed using zoom icons.

    13. Fix: Arrow scroll used to position cursor on last row of Adjustment grid. This bug has been fixed.

    14. O/s Reports: A/c code is included as a column in the report.

    15. Virtual Column support provided in module and module reports.

    16. Linked Column lists now support custom filters (developer end).

    17. Pending Lists: Supports dynamic values from browser session.

    18. Server Updates: Compute Instances updated to 32 Cores, 16 GB Ram direct addressible by platform.

    19. DB Server Instances: Updated to address 128 GB Ram and 4x bandwidth on demand.

    20. Query Execution: Improved Caching and execution support.

    21. Balance Reports: Added custom filters for enhanced report outputs.

    1. Entry added date is now available as display in list view of all entry sections.

    2. Currency rate master has been provided.

    3. Attachments: Thumbnail view has been provided in the attachment window.
    4. Country list has been integrated for selection at relevant places.

    5. Abbr. words are not displayed in capitals in labels.

    6. Menu Links can now be opened in new tabs using shortcut icon provided on mouse hover.

    7. QB: Pending Lists: Now filtered values automatically replaces value at runtime. 

    8. QB: Pending Lists: Sets data to form+grid, if opened from form. Sets data to grid, if opened from grid.

    9. QB: Pending Lists: Property added to DO NOT Set particular columns while setting values.

    10. QB: Pending Lists: If auto-fetch Parent grid data is set, selection box will popup for easy selection.

    11. Quote Comparison

    12. Option provided in GST Form 3B report criteria, whether to include 3.1(a) negative sales figures as ITC in section 4.1A (5).

    1. RFQ (Request for Quotation) system has been upgraded using RPA, to complete automation.

    2. Vendor Registration forms have been upgraded using RPA to complete automation.

    3. MSME verification api integration.

    4. Aadhaar verification api integration.

    5. Aadhaar demographic data fetch api integration.

    6. PAN - Aadhaar link api integration.

    7. Image compression license model has been integrated.

    8. Automated backup license model has been integrated. New orders since 13th Feb need this license for automatic backups daily night.

    9. Updation of several fields in accounts master, as per provisions of the act.

    10. TYPE(s) in account master customisation by user is now possible.

    11. Zone master in account master for better analytic and reporting.

    12. Calculator can be invoked in the form using the question mark (?) key on the formula linked numeric fields.

    13. Google maps added to view location of account in account master.

    14. Export to excel, will export numbers as normal, even if number as comma option is switched on.

    1. User login security mail now shows login physical information for better understanding.

    2. Approval System is now upgraded to use RPA via emails itself.

    3. User Email address verification: Email address is mandatory to be set in user account. An email will be sent to the user to verify this email address. In case email address for any required user is not to be set, in such cases, email address of admin user can be set in those user's account.

    4. SOPC (Single one point contact) user login is being incorporated in the system. SOPC user will automatically be granted the Tickets Panel access.

    5. New revamped user onboarding and training system has been replaced in place of existing module help mechanism. This new help mechanism is more elaborate, systematic and procedural. It covers much more topics in contents and provides module's field level help, when activated in add/edit/view sessions of the entry module.

    6. Help text in criteria search field of reports has been updated to give message to use % sign to list all entries.

    7. Caption of Linked fields other than with account master, have been linked to zoom and display selected master entry.

    8. Password reset option has been provided. Users may click the forgot password link provided in the login page.
      An email to reset the password will be sent to the user's email account, containing a link to reset the password. If the user clicks the link, a random password will be set and sent in a separate email to the user. Users can ask the admin user to reset the password at any time.

    9. File manager for removing/view files can now be accessed from the profile section.

    10. Support for native / otherwise, QR/Barcode scanning on iOS and Android has been added.

    11. Fixed an issue of Login after logout was not working properly on mobile devices. This is issue is fixed.

    12. An option to buy subscription to compress images and pdf files (uploaded in the system) has been added in profile section. Once activated, any file uploaded by any user in the project, will be automatically compressed to save disk space usage. File compression saves immense disk space per file, without compromising the human readability of images and pdf files.

    13. Logic for high speed processing of totals of columns in sub-grids is re-written. Now it supports processing of at least 4k rows as compared to 96 rows only.

    approval system - email.png
  • Enhanced Security

    Users allowed to login from authorised computer / mobile device only.

    • User can login from any new device only after admin has authorised the new device.

    • In case a new device is detected for login, admin user is notified for the same, via an email having a link to authorise the user login from this new device.

    • Existing / older device(s) can be un-authorised for login.

    • Each user event is logged in binary audit log trails, available for access for each entry.

    revised approval system.jpeg

    Easy Approvals

    The updated approval system has an intuitive user interface.

    • Module view access with all pending approvals are displayed at a glance.

    • The rationale for acceptance or rejection has been recorded and supplied and audit log updated.

    Faster Processing

    Enhanced Query Engine for faster loading of modules.

    • Query engines have been upgraded to load even faster than ever.

    • Client side caching has been improved.

    • Server side caching now syncs in time with client side, and manages module info even better.

    • Faster loading times achieved for reports.

    faster processing.jpeg

    New indicators for faster information access


    New data indicators have been added to the user interface in module / entry view.

    • In case the entry module is connected to payment / receipt, an indicator. to reflect the same has been provided, with linked zoom facility to display the receipt / payment info related to current displayed entry.

    • In case the entry module is linked with E-Way / E-Invoice system, an indicator to the status is provided with linked zoom feature to display the E-Way / E-Invoice infomation on click.

    • A link has been provided to display the accounting entries (if any) posted for the displayed entry.

    Auto TDS limit alert

    Auto detection of TDS limits when reached.

    • Advanced accounting engine now automatically detects and sets the tds percentage when limit for any vendor is reached.

    • Better legal and income tax compliance achieved with auto-detection feature, in the form as well as calculations.

    tds limit.jpeg

    Instant access to ledgers

    instant ledgers.png

    Module / entry view forms have been updated to provide instant access to ledgers.

    • Caption of account linked field captions like Customer / Supplier / Book etc. have been linked to show ledger of the selected when clicked, instantly.

    • Searching is not required to view the ledgers in such cases.

    • Current voucher accounting effect entries will be displayed with highlighted background.

    • Automatically the current voucher entries will be brought into view on zooming to the ledger account.

    Zoom and easily duplicate entry.

    Zoomed access to accounts, data and much more is provided everywhere.

    • Nearly at all the entry points, list views and reports, zooming is provided. The underlined values simply will denote the clickable field, where it will zoom to reveal the respective data information.

    • Form entry duplication option has been provided for easy duplication of repeated entry, simply to save immense time.

    list view entry enhancement.png

    Entry Delete History


    Easy view and check deleted entries, with complete details.

    • Each entry section now provide the users with icon to check and inspect the deleted entries.

    • One click access to the module's deleted entry history provides to check and audit the data as and when required.

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