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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated 13 Feb, 2024.

A. Salient Features:

  • Attachment of Photos and Documents at each transaction.

  • Audit logs directly on the entry module

  • Email directly from the entry module

  • Transaction tracking

  • Multi-zooming reports

  • User wise view on data

  • Multiple attachment with multiple format support in a single entry

  • Alert system

  • Approval system

  • Auto locking system

  • Global searching

  • User wise customizable reports

  • Multi-column filtering

  • Multi-column data ascending, data descending

  • User wise quick access menu

  • User wise entry bookmark system

  • Transaction date wise locking useful for top level management, auditors & TAT adherence

  • Benchmarking system

B. Scheduler services (Server Automation)           

Charge: $28 per month 

Payable: Annually

Includes: Includes 6 Scheduler Jobs.

C. Server - OCI - ASIA-MUM:

  1. Disk + Database Space 10 GB.

  2. Additional space: @ $10 USD per month per 10 GB of additional space.

  3. Daily backup for each day of the current month is taken automatically and stored on separate backup instances, otherwise backup of last day of the month is retained for past 1 year. Complete data of all years is managed in the backup. Orders placed starting Feb 13, 2024, a paid subscription is to be taken up by clients to enable automated backup mechanism.

  4. License Model: 100 User License Included for lifetime

  5. Server and any other license charges should be paid via the online payment gateway system only.

High Availability Server Instance - HA (Preferred. Compulsorily required if active users more than 30):

Charge: $168 per month 

Payable: Annually

Availability Region: Mumbai + Singapore + Tokyo

Benefits over Standalone Server:

- Higher Speeds: Higher application speeds are achieved due to parallel read queries being executed at the same time at different servers, at higher bandwidths.

- Near Zero Downtime: High availability servers enables applications to meet higher uptime requirements and zero data loss tolerance.

- Persistent availability: High Availability servers provide persistent availability in case of failures.

Data redundancy: High Availability servers provide data redundancy, which ensures that data is not lost in case of failures.

Reduced downtime: High Availability servers reduce downtime when a zone or instance becomes unavailable.

Increased revenue: By reducing downtime, High Availability servers help organizations avoid significant revenue loss.

Improved customer satisfaction: High Availability servers can help organizations avoid unsatisfied customers by ensuring that their services are always available.

Standalone Server Instance:

Charge: $56 per month 

Payable: Annually

Availability Region: Mumbai

D. GST API Charges

Charge: INR 0.48 per E-Invoice/E-Way/Cancellation.  

Payable: Recharge on demand.

E. Accompanying Features: (Included)

  1. Export of data and reports to excel/pdf.

  2. In-built email support for sending documents and reports.

  3. Supported on Windows/Linux/MacOS.

  4. Rock Solid infrastructure running on Linux Servers.

  5. No Chances of Data Corruption, Virus, Hacking, Ransom Ware.

  6. Work 24x7 from anywhere.

  7. E-Way and E-Invoicing integration included.

F. Annual Maintenance Charge:

Charge: @15% of total software + extra license value.  

Payable: Annually after completion of first year of order placement.

  1. Annual Maintenance on core modules only.

  2. Any Delays in submission of blueprint, completion of testing, non-timely scheduling of phases by client, will not be considered in recurrence of the AMC start date and payments.

  3. In any cases of delay of development only, from Merciglobal Team, consideration in number of days may be provided.

  4. Please note any natural calamity or natural disaster may extend the development period, which cannot be taken into account for payment of AMC or alter its recurrance date.

  5. Please see our support policy page for complete information.

G. Development, Implementation, Testing, Documentation and T&C:

  1. Delivery Timeline: We intend to deliver the complete solution from the date of receipt of project blueprint from client end as per the following milestones:

  2. Beta version: Beta version will be released 60 days after system analysis sign off from your end.

    • Client is suggested to raise any bugs, errors or modifications after thorough testing of the beta version.

  3. Final delivery: Final software will be delivered 30 days after the final bugs, errors or modifications are notified.

  4. Single point of contact: Client should ensure to assign single point of contact (SOPC) for entire development, implementation, Testing Process.

  5. System Analysis: Entire System Analysis (SA) process has to be done and confirmed via SOPC only. The Client Management and SOPC is responsible to provide complete support for fast completion of SA.

  6. Amendments: Amendments (if any), in the blue print will be considered in First phase of development only if certified by SOPC and deemed necessary for operational process. Any other amendment will be considered in phase II after the system is developed, implemented and deployed and completion certificate as per blue print is received from the client.

  7. Amendment Types: Amends (any) may be classified in two categories, Free of Charge (FOC) or Chargeable, depending on type of amendment/change and in mutual agreement with SOPC. In case charges are to be applied on the required amendments, it shall be as per the guidelines provided at schedule of charges specifed at

  8. UI/UX: MERCI will not entertain any UI/UX change requests to our ERP system.

  9. Project Delivery: Visit our page for project work flow.

H. Training:

  • Two on-site comprehensive training will be provided to the client team at designated location / premises.

  • All training documents, flow chart, help will be provided in soft documentation and electronic format only.

  • Any further physical training will be chargeable as per training requirements and training location and charge policy of Merciglobal systems.

  • Any costs of Merciglobal Team members towards travelling, lodging, boarding and incidental charges shall be borne by the client directly.

I. Travel:

  • Customer should arrange and bear the costs of travel, lodging & boarding of Merciglobal team members. 

  • The accommodation should be in a respectable locality with a clean, functional room, A.C, and essential services.

  • OYO hotels should be avoided.

  • If the customer cannot arrange suitable accommodation, a Merci team member will make the booking, and the customer must promptly reimburse the expenses.

J. Payment Terms

  1. Advance: @40% plus charges for selected server configuration specified above plus GST has to be released along with the purchase order. Order execution will commence only after payment is received by Merciglobal.

  2. System Analysis: 30% plus GST should be released after system analysis (submission of blueprint) to facilitate the project progression. Blueprint is a soft copy of the system documentation, reflecting / showing all the entry modules clearly stating each and every field of the form as well as grid/sub-grid. It also shows the formula to be applied in the system. Blueprint submission confirms the checking of this document from client side in terms of presence of all the required fields and calculations / validations required in the entry sections, in excel file or soft copy of system analysis and not real execution and testing of software. This needs to be confirmed by the SOPC.

  3. UAT/Beta/Test release: 20% plus GST, should be paid. Beta version comprises of testing of each entry module as confirmed in the blueprint. It has operational entry fields, required post validations, rules, entry form printouts (wherever applicable), general module level reports, to be confirmed by the SOPC.

    Client side testing mechanism:

    • During the testing, Customer and Merciglobal team will work hand-in-hand together with the SOPC to get this task of testing completed at client end/premises.

    • The execution of this beta/testing phase should be carefully planned for schedules, by both the teams.

    • Testings should be completed within 15 days of commencement of this phase.

    • SOPC should test as many cycles of the work flow as intended.

    • A maximum of 100 test entries per module can be done during this phase.

    • Testing requests and confirmations of successful testing of modules shall be marked digitialy only, using the system provided in Merciglobal Cloud ERP.

    • Merciglobal team will make any corrections of bugs/errors or ommissions as provided in the blueprint.

    • Any change in the submitted system will be accepted as change request only and can be considered only after completion of this phase.

    • Any change/revision submitted in the system shall be regulated as per our support policy.

    • Successful marking (digitally via automated email) of all the modules will be considered as project handover to the customer.

    • Post this handover, training shall be imparted to the customer team as per discussions and mutual agreement of time schedules to be set post this phase.

  4. Project Sign Off:  Balance 10% balance plus GST should be released within a maximum of 10 days from project sign off date. Training for the developed system will be provided post the project sign off only.

  5. Purchase order: Purchase order should be made in the name of: 

Name: Merci Global Systems Pvt Ltd

GST no: 24AAQCM2448H1ZA

CIN: U72900GJ2022PTC135891

Corporate Office: 401/402, Trinity Cygnus, Someshwara Circle, Udhna Magdalla Road, Surat, Gujarat 395 007.

Bank Details:

Name: Merci Global Systems Pvt Ltd


Acc Type: Current Account

Acc No: 9220 2006 6271 322

IFSC: UTIB0004666

K. Support:

  1. MERCI Team appoints one dedicated account manager for each client, upon confirmation of Order as single point of contact for support purposes.

  2. MERCI Provides a rich interface of integrated trouble ticket system wherein clients are required to post their requirements in form of "Trouble Tickets", Providing all sort of supporting document samples.

  3. MERCI - Cloud based ERP Strives to provide personalized leading services to each client to help achieve objective key results.

  4. Any TTS raised in the system by the client or by the support account manager is dealt with by team specialized in the subject.

  5. MERCI Team has professionals on-board to help handle situations, solutions and issues precisely with expertise. 

  6. MERCI has dedicated phone call support system. However, we do encourage our clients to adhere to TTS system for better system transparency and fastest possible resolution to issues.

  7. Local support on request can be provided to the client from our support team available at any of the registered offices of Merciglobal Systems or via registered support providers / developers.

L. Additional Modules / Services:

  1. Any additional module like Digital Signature, OCR, GST API Credits, etc, etc, can be online ordered, paid online and instantly activated from the profile section of the ERP system.

  2. Any such additional modules / services if regulated from server side are charged at prevailing USD rates. 

  3. The current USD rate charges are obtained from international API, includes the bank conversion rates from USD to INR.

M. Third party services:

  1. Any third party services like API integration, Hardware integration etc., may be facilitated by Merciglobal directly to the clients as per terms agreed upon at the time of order, or in future.

  2. Any incidental charges, implementation charges, support charges in those respects shall be charged at actuals by Merciglobal to the customer.

  3. Any service request if need to be routed by Merciglobal, shall be fulfilled by the supplying agency / such third party directly as per practical use case or the SLA as applicable, between Merciglobal and customer directly, or such 3rd party and customer directly.

  4. Merciglobal may facilitate such services as an intermediary or support partner on behest of the customer, but shall not be held liable in any case.

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