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Solutions for
Paper Manufacturing

Merciglobal ERP is transforming the paper manufacturing industry. Customizable to needs, it provides an end-to-end integrated ecosystem to help control costs, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Large Paper Rolls

Automating Segments

Modules You Will Love



Merciglobal ERP provides comprehensive inventory management capabilities to revolutionize paper manufacturing industries. It automates inventory from GRN, FIFO stock computations, Consumption, Transfers, RWM, Semi-finished and Finished Goods.



We have end-to-end modules for streamlined procurement work flow. It involves creation of indents, approvals, RFQ (automated and manual), P.O.generation, Gate Inwards/Outward, GRN, Quality Check, Booking into accounting, returns, Imports, BL management, Landing Cost calculation.



Our Stores management modules, manages multi-unit inventory, offers advanced stores management features such as stock transfers, material issues, wastage, scrap, repairables, indents etc to streamline paper manufacturing processes.


Merciglobal ERP has built-in standard accounting modules spanning from basic entries to final accounting, reports, Ledgers, BRS, GST, TDS, TCS, automated integration from Procurements, Sales and all other sections in seamless integrated environment.



Completely integrated production from Sales Order to Production planning involving Deckle automation, Job card creation, Jumbo Produciton, Reel / Sheet production. Involves RWM, semi-finished and finished inventory management and planning.



Complete sales management originating from creation of Rate Contracts, Sales Orders, Despatches, Invoicing, Returns, Credit Note generation for rate difference and commissions, Export Documents, Packing List, Invoice etc, integrated with E-Invoice, E-Way and accounting.

Deckle Planning Automation

  • Minimizes Trim Loss

  • Better Knife Cut Plan

  • Efficient Production
  • Reduces Man Hours

  • Timely Delivery

Overview - Work flow


Business Flow Modules

Categorised list of Module and Sub-Modules we offer, out of the box.

Credit Card Purchase


  • Indent, Quotation

  • Quote Comparison

  • Purchase Order

  • Gate Inward, Weightment

  • GRN Maintenance

  • Quality Check

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Purchase Returns

  • Vehicle In/Out

Basket on Wheels


  • Sale rate agreement

  • Sales order

  • Despatch Challan

  • Sales Invoice

  • Export Invoice

  • Sales Returns

  • Credit Notes

Rolls of Rubber


  • Production Planning

  • Job Card Creation

  • Jumbo Production

  • Kraft Paper Prod.

  • News Print Reel Prod.

  • Sheet wise Production

  • Consumption

Bowling Shoes


  • Requisition Issues

  • Material Issues

  • Returnable Outwards

  • Returnable Inwards

  • Inter-unit Transfers

  • Scrap Sales

VR Goggles

Major Reports, Analytics & Insights

  • ​Dashboards

Business dashboard featuring Production, Purchase, Sales & Finance Components

  • Reports

Over 400 reports including GSM wise, MTD, Annual, Customer wise, Itemwise, Grade wise, Category & Sub-category wise reports, including FIFO stock reports, adhering the import costs BL wise.

  • ​Benchmark Reports & Alerts

Huge number of in-built benchmark reports, auto alert trigger system for Finished Stock, Branch wise production, invoicing & accounting etc.

Features You Get

Key Differenciators, Features, Integrations, Automatically applied features

Auto Locking/ Audit Controls

User Customisable Views / Reports

Multiple Integrations Email, Whatsapp, Cloud Telephony etc.

Entry level Tracking of RWM, batch and every stage of production & Security

Complete Flowchart & Help

Multi Level Dashboards & Benchmarks
All Your Prominent Business Data At One Place

Event Based Alerts
Event Based Alerts To Keep Key People Informed

Approval System

Scheduler Services

Cloud Computing Benefits

cloud vs local.png

Ability to fully Customise, Configure and Deploy Complete ERP way Faster than competitive products available in the market
In hours or days, not months or years (Thanks to our AI & RPA)
Delivering a Better Experience

30 years of Expertise in Software Solutions encompassing end-to-end solutions for every need of the customer
Better Industry Experience

AI & BI - supported Futuristic Business Solutions.
Interactive Dashboards such as Kanban.
Solutions for Smart Business Operations

Our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables us to deliver best in class Speed and Data Security
Realize Safer and Better Products

Our Key Differentiators

Over 2000 Active customers in multiple industries experience such as EPCC, Manufacturing, Services, Port and Paper Mfg Sectors


  • What is the type of Support do I get upon buying Merciglobal Cloud ERP?
    You are entitled to 24x7 support from our team, once you have been onboarded onto our platform and the implementation process is completed.
  • Can the customers take data backup if required?
    Oh yes. We have provided Backup option to admin users at customer side, using which complete data backup (All years, complete data) can be downloaded from the cloud within a few seconds only as a zip file. This backup is created live using MySql, and has no known limitations, as per international formats and conventions. The same can be restored on any required MySql server, hosted on local machines or cloud servers, without limitations.
  • Is there support for Barcode and QR Code?
    Of course. We have inbuilt support for all types of barcodes (EAN, Code 39, QR Code, Datamatrix, Code128, Aztech, Code 93, Code 11, Coadbar). Support for scanning the barcodes using our mobile application and printing stickers of the same is available.
  • Does Merciglobal Cloud ERP provide support for Accounting, GST, TDS, TCS and other government compliances?
    Yes for sure. We have complete detailed integration with accounting, convering all the aspects of government compliances. Our accouting system covers all the standard accounting modules and reports, upto final accounts.
  • Can Merciglobal Cloud ERP be scaled up? Are there any limitations on integration?
    Merciglobal Cloud ERP has its origin from modular design. It can be scaled up to meet any requirement, integrated with any other 3rd party tools or services, online or offline (Using automation devices / APIs). Any sort of available API can be connected to our ERP on request. This may span from software services API like 3rd party Cloud Telephony, CRM, Accounting or any such system, hardware integration like Industrial automation, instrumentation, SCADA, HMI etc, provided the API for the same is made available. We have a lot many APIs already integrated within Merciglobal Cloud ERP like: Exotel Cloud Telephony API Image/PDF to text OCR API Government GST API Credit Score API Automation Control API Google Cloud Vision API Reverse Geo API Distance Calculation API Video Processing API and a lot more...
  • Does Merciglobal Cloud ERP generate report on scheduled date and time for reminder / management purposes?
    Yes! Merciglobal Cloud ERP has full support for scheduler services. Any report or analytic need can be scheduled to be sent to the target receipient, recurring daily, on a particular date or day etc, at designated time. These scheduled reports may run at a time for hundreds of customers / vendors or for management people or other team members, sending output on emails / whatsapp. Per scheduled job is counted as one. As these are technically governed as server side cron jobs and consume server's resources and iOps, the scheduled jobs / services are subject to additional charges as mentioned in the profile section within our ERP.
  • Is support for RFID, UWB, HRFID available?
    Yes for sure. Merciglobal cloud erp has inbuilt support for integration with any such devices using their APIs provided. Moreover we do provide harware integration support via our support partners for the same.
  • Can Merciglobal Cloud ERP be installed offline or on any other cloud server?
    No! Merciglobal Cloud ERP can not be installed offline or on any other server. Merciglobal Cloud ERP is a proprietary designed and developed system, designed, developed and deployed by Merciglobal systems pvt ltd under specific license agreements. Source code of the same will not be shared with anyone outside the license agreements, nor with any 3rd party in part or whole. Moreover it involves integrated licenses with different companies as mentioned in our technology section. These licenses are non-shareable nor transferrable. Owing to these, the MySql data can be taken as backup file by the customers any time, but entire system can not be hosted anywhere else.
  • Does Merciglobal Cloud ERP have dashboards or any such analytic tools?
    For sure! We have our own technology to provide the users a very easy and intuitive basic dashboard creation service, benchmarking service as well as budget / target setting services. They render graphs, charts and various other forms of analytics and data management in a very user friendly manner.
  • How are updates provided in Merciglobal Cloud ERP?
    At Merciglobal, we believe in continuous innovation, updation and upgradation of our systems, along with taking along our customers enjoy and reap the benefits of such advancements. Our R&D team continuously works on the feedback received from customers, prospects and market surveys. Individual property / feature of the system is updated and monitored and the same modular update is provided to our projects team. Once the projects team finds it compliant and bug free, has cleared testings, the same module / piece of code / fragment of module is released in public available servers. This is why, there has been no major version release in our system, which may disrupt the regular working of the end users. Our systematic and planned granular updates, help users adapt to those changes and uplifts their own work environment, making the entire system more user-friendly and versatile, fast and more secured over time.
  • Can we attach images / documents with vouchers / entries done?
    Merciglobal Cloud ERP has been built aiming customer convenience as its primary goal. We have provided paperless office concept, wherein permitted users can add and manage virtually unlimited images/ documents/ excel/ word/ autocad drawings/ mp3/ mp4 etc. files with each entry done in any entry module throughout the system. Our advanced technology even allows the user to capture such document/ image live from the mobile camera too, remotely, in real time. Such documents/ images are transferred to our cloud servers live.
  • How safe is my data on Merciglobal Cloud ERP?
    Your data is 100% safe with us.
  • Is Merciglobal Cloud ERP safe from Virus & Hijacks?
    Absolutely Yes. Merciglobal Cloud ERP is hosted on world's leading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Underlying Linux Operating system, safeguarded with hardware and software firewalls, private VCN and safety rules provide bullet proof security to your data. Our servers are configured to mitigate DDOS attacks and similar attempts.
  • Can I take backup as and when required?
    Oh yes. We have provided Backup option to admin users at customer side, using which complete data backup (All years, complete data) can be downloaded from the cloud within a few seconds only as a zip file. This backup is created live using MySql, and has no known limitations, as per international formats and conventions. The same can be restored on any required MySql server, hosted on local machines or cloud servers, without limitations.
  • How many users can login into the system at a time?
    No limit! Virtually any number of users can login into the system at any given point of time. Our servers are optimized to allow over 1 million unique user sessions at a time.
  • Do your system provide access for Customers / Vendors / Other Business associates?
    Yes for sure. To ensure streamlined business operations and avoid duplication of work, we have extended our ERP to full support of EXTRANET. External business associates like Customers, Vendors, Agents etc. can be provided mobile applications / desktop extensions, wherein they can login and manage the allowed information / place orders / Check their own related reports etc. with limited and restrictive access. This facility is provided at an extra charge, depending on the extent of customer's need.
  • How many users can be licensed in the ERP.
    Customers may purchase as many user and branch license, along with company entity license, as required by them. The license count can be upgraded at anytime online, while using the system. There is virtually no limit to this.
  • How do I migrate data out of Merciglobal Cloud ERP?
    You can easily migrate out of our ERP system by restoring the data backup to any other MySql server or providing the data backup to the new vendor. Our data format is as per international standards and it should be very easy for the software vendor to understand and adapt or port it to any other database system alltogether.
  • Do you provide support for importing data from any existing software?
    Yes of course! We provided excel template file, which contains worksheets for each module in the designed system, wherein the customer is required to copy and paste the data from their existing system. We simply import this excel file into Merciglobal Cloud ERP. Our system processes on an average, 30k rows per second. Data is then automatically made available in our ERP.
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